Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Cashman Business Club

At last, now there is a business club for like minded lads

As any premier league entrepreneur will tell you, it can be lonely at the top. Nothing prepares you for the unbelievable decisions you have to make.

The art of good business is simple – crush your competitors, stitch up your suppliers, cream off as much as you can, avoid tax. It’s that simple, but there’s no guidebook you can buy in WH Smith’s that can tell you how to do any of that. And let’s face it, these are the big talking points with all the lads when we’re knocking a ball around Mere, wolfing down the pizza in San Carlo or necking a few lite ales in the Alderley Bar & Grill.

That’s why I’m setting up a new Cashman Business Club for like minded business lads who need some help but don’t know where to turn. There’s plenty out there who will give you advice, advisers for a start. But they all send you these things called bills, which, eventually you have to pay, unless the firm goes bust of course.

Obviously networking is going to play a massive part in it – golf days, motivational speeches from me and various other lads I can invite along – Brad Burton, some of the Dragons, that lad from the Isle of Man who got binned off the Apprentice and, as it’s me, I reckon I can get The Plumber to make a comeback.

But let me tell you what it won’t be. We won’t be using any of that Twitter stuff. I’ve been on it for a while and it’s a total waste of time. I ask you this: is Pete Cowgill on Twitter? Or Mike Oliver? Or Phil Black? Exactly. You can follow me on @rogercashman if you want, but frankly I just use it to wind up the Man United players and to procure a few of my various leisure interests. It’s just a bit of banter.

The Cashman Business Club is not political. We’re not going to be going cap in hand to the councils and the so-called coalition government looking for a grant. This is hard business for hardcore lads. But if someone wants to give me £35m to build a website like the Business Link one, be my guest.

The Cashman Business Club won’t be boring. It’s not going to be like all the other dull dreary business clubs with their brochures full of blather and a room full of recruitment consultants. We won’t force feed our members with bumpf, but we are looking for sponsors who may wish to reach 10,000 of the region’s leading senior business leaders.

The Cashman Business Club won’t have awards where only our members get to win. Oh no, all our members will be winners anyway.

And the Cashman Business Club will be just for lads. It’s only right. The Dorises have got their own networks now – Forward Ladies for one, but to be fair I followed them on Twitter because I thought they were something else entirely.

If you want to join in – if you’ve got something to contribute, get in touch.

And obviously we’ll raise a few quid for the sick kids.

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