Thursday, 10 July 2008

Drilling a hole

I’ve never seen bravery like it. Most of you won’t know Tony Tighe, quiet bloke, scouser, does something to do with promotions and what not and plays a bit of golf at Mere and in Thailand. He’d spent a couple of days under the surgeon’s knife having an op that sounded gruesome.
You wouldn’t have known it when he walked through the crowd to the tune of Star Spangled Banner to deliver his chairman’s speech at the Mere Golf Club Summer Ball – everyone was there, the young lad on bail for VAT scamming, Derek “Degsy” Hatton, Chris “Purple” Ronnie, Nick Freeman (I knew him before he was famous, by the way), including some lads I’ve become friends with. Everyone who’s anyone, basically.
There’s been a bit of a changing of the guard at Mere. Mark Boler has taken over as captain, even though he’s chairman. And TT has become chairman, even though he was the best skipper the club has ever had. Ever. The main difference between the two jobs is the captain has a lad’s night and the chairman lets birds in. At first I wasn’t sure about that. Put it this way, I don’t have my best nights out with Mrs C in tow. That said, the members don’t just bring their wives or girlfriends (never both), some of them also bring their daughters. And I tell you what, more than once I was thinking, if she was my daughter, I’d still be bathing her.
Anyway, it was a proper classy do, as you can tell. TT sorted out the raffle prize, and the lucky winner was…! I had a weekend in Vegas, where I hadn’t been since Mark Boler’s stag do. This Doris TT knows out there had a limo waiting for me at the airport, Champagne on tap and tickets for the best shows in town. I even had a bodyguard, not that I need it, as you know I’m pretty handy when it comes on top.
It all tied in very nicely with a few developments on the business front. I’m sure you all saw the stock market announcement that we’ve had a strategic review at RC Solutions. We’re renaming it RC Oil and Gas Explorations and Solutions. The reason being the teenage scribblers at our brokers have gone all cold on IT marketing and property and they’re looking for oil. Aren’t we all, especially with diesel at £1.40 a litre. I’ve told them all about this new product we’re beta testing on an oil well site in Newfoundland. It’s so hard to get there, apparently, so they’re never going to check are they? I could have told them it was in Iraq, or Saudi, but then they’d have started asking questions about how our insurance and security costs don’t seem to have been affected.
It’s kept up the share price and, according to the lads at Insider, I’m up to 69 in the Power 100. My favourite number!

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