Friday, 4 January 2008

Sacked on Facebook

I told you things were going to get tough this year. You won’t believe who’s been signing the visitors book at Begbies Traynor. And I blame the banks, frankly. And the “wine bar” developers who’ve been paying silly money for sites (with a h).

Our property development arm RC (property) Solutions (2006) has gone into administration. We had no choice really once the bank told us they wanted their money back. We’d sorted this monster scheme in Northwich – shops, offices, a bit of resi in there – but the subcontractors were overrunning on the costs – all the Poles are serving sausages at the Christmas market - and Mike Connett has basically cornered the market in that part of mid-Cheshire.

It meant we had to lay off a load of staff, but the good news is because we ringfenced the one company and loaded it with all sorts of other liabilities we didn’t have to pay anything more than the bare minimum of redundo pay. I thought it would be a bit retro to sack them by text, so I poked them on Facebook instead. It was mayhem when they found out so I left my Hummer in the garage that day in case it got smashed up. To be fair, we gave the staff a few shopping days notice so they could take back all their kiddies Christmas presents.

So, that was all a bit of a nightmare for me and so to cheer myself up I bought a place at Royal Westmoreland on Barbados off John “the farmer” Morphet. We’re very much looking forward to asking him what he thinks now that his old caravan parks business has just been sold for even more money. He used to say he’d done the deal of the century. Maybe not, John.

I’ve never been a believer in the value of humility. And neither, clearly, does my old mate Paul “the Plumber” Davidson, who is once again regaling the diners of Manchester and Cheshire with his grand plans. He might dress like a striking miner, but every time I’ve seen him lately he’s had a carrier bag full of £50 notes on him. At first I thought he must have become Mickey Thomas’s new best mate, but he picked up the tab for me and Mark Guterman when we were having a bit of nosebag in the Alderley Bar and Grill. A couple of days later I was on the train to London and he paid for my ticket. In cash. Top bloke, always liked him.

On the leisure side I’ve been enjoying the shooting. Bagged a few grouse and a brace of rabbits on a shooting trip to the Trough of Bowland with Richard Topliss from the Royal Bank of Scotland and a few of the boys. The next trip out was a bit marred when one of the lads found a dead body in the woods. He marked that down on the card as “various”, but it shouldn’t really count, to be fair.

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