Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Massive International Pissup in the Med - That's MIPIM!

Been out at this property do in Cannes, MIPIM, as you do – although it’s a bit of a ball ache, what with Cheltenham and the cricket but it’s sort of expected. I was waiting for a nod on a couple of deals as well, and there are worse places to do business in March.

A few of the boys went via Amsterdam as per usual, but as I had business to attend to elsewhere I took up the offer from a pal of a seat on his private jet – can’t beat it, sailing past all the Easyjet muppets clogging up Nice airport with bubbles awaiting onboard..

It’s a funny old week, MIPIM. You’ve got all the cities out there with their stands trying to impress, trying to look busy so they don’t get grief for pissing away the tax-payers’ hard-earned. And then you’ve got all the property lads doing what they do best – getting mullered. There are the agents, bottom of the food chain, hanging around like sheep outside Caffe Roma, wondering why they’re there. The real deals are done elsewhere of course and those in the know aren’t telling.

Best thing this year was all the birds from Kazan, “Russia’s third capital” apparently, which all sounded like a spoof bit of marketing for the follow-up to Borat. The girls spent their days wandering around bestowing t-shirts and smiles on everyone and the evenings doing God knows what. You do hear some rumours during MIPIM week though. Some of the boys stayed down for the porn festival the week after, they’ve got some stories to tell.

Made it back to Cheltenham to chuck a few quid in Fred Done’s general direction. Didn’t back a winner all day. I was there with Paul “Becky” Beck – Freddie Flintoff’s best mate (TM) – and top insolvency chap Andrew “Dicky” Dick of Begbies, someone I’ve never had cause to have a “one of those” business conversations with. If Freddie manages to stay sober Becky has me on the bus for a trip out to the Windies.

Before I go, a word on cars. How hard is it to make a decision on a new motor? There are emissions regulations. Should you put it through the company? Should you register it to a private company so you can say the missus was driving it when you get flashed by a speed camera? Had that Louise Tickle woman mithering me about getting a bike, or, worse, a Toyota Prius. But, I’m a reasonable man, and after careful consideration of my own personal lifestyle needs, the carbon footprint and the look on the faces of the boys at Mere Golf Club when I roar into the car park for the Captain’s Golf Day I’ve decided what to do. I’m getting a Hummer.

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louise tickle said...

This is that Louise Tickle woman. Let me know how you like your new Hummer and we can see whether it or my legs get through Manchester city centre faster at rush hour. Deal?